Starlit Backdrop

The STARLIT CURTAINS is truly a stunning must-have addition to your wedding.

Up to 10ft tall and 20ft wide, the STARLIT CURTAINS are complete with led fairy lights that match our starlit dance floor to really bring the room together.

The traditional straight STARLIT CURTAINS can be situated behind the head table at the wedding, or even used to cover up an unsightly wall in the venue.


The circular starlit curtain is a brand new edition, that at the time of writing won’t be found anywhere else in the UK (seriously, Google it!). It’s stunning design complete with the led fairy lights can be used at the ceremony to get married under, or even create the perfect scene for taking photographs.

Upon installation, we stream clean the curtains to ensure it’s perfectly ready for the perfect occasion.

For more information about our STARLIT CURTAINS, or to book, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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